Surrender Yer Booty…

MBD_PiratesJoin us in yer pirate finery as we plunder and ply the waters of the Lake Harris Chain as the pillaging horde we are. It be six ports in four cities…all afore sundown. We starts the raiding party at Wooten Park in fine Tavares at 11am of a Saturday morn’ on November 7th. Then we heads out to seek our fortune. Join the party on for all particulars. Yer shipmates be runnin’ a game for any who wants a bit o’ MBD bounty. It be a Pirate Poker run with points earned for photos put in th’ ship’s log. Captain Robyn Red Breast be divyin’ up the Official Articles and Scorecards…so show ‘er yer colors if ye be of mind for fun. Wishin’ ye all fair seas and foul deeds. Live Larrrge!

Last Long…

MBD Sea-Men Swim

Hello Boys!

Join the MBD Crew as we celebrate length on the longest day of the year. If You think You have what it takes to become a MBD “Sea-Man”, take the challenge and make the long swim across Lake Willis.

The MBD “Sea-Men” swim is a physically demanding event and is not advised for pregnant women and/or drunken sailors. Do not attempt the swim if You are not a strong swimmer or have limited stamina. The “Sea-Men” swim is not a race but an endurance challenge. Chase boats will be monitoring the course looking for anyone suffering from performance anxieties or otherwise wishing to pull out early. MBD wishes all “Sea-Men” a bon voyage. Remember to stay safe, take deep breaths, keep your strokes long and regular and…

Live Large!

Suck It…

Hot & Spicey Crawfish on MBD

MBD Crawfish Boil

Pinch, Suck, Swallow ( #MBDSuckIt )

Hot and spicey Louisiana Crawfish on Mike’s Big Deck. Cost is $25 per adult. If You don’t eat crawfish, there will be alternatives ( burgers, dogs, chicken, corn ). We’ll be firing up the Margarita machine and busting out the wakeboards.

This will be a relatively small event ( ~60ppl ) available ONLY to RSVPs on Facebook or MeetUp.

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Cover Up

MBD Peace Day T-Shirts

MBD Peace Day T-Shirts

There is usually no cover charge for a night on the Big Deck.  Donations, however, are always appreciated and any donor of $20 or more will receive a MBD T-shirt.  Not all Big Decks are the same and finding a size and style that’s right for You is part of the fun.  Show the world You had a good time on Mike’s Big Deck.  Thank You for keeping us covered and always remember to…

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Logo Style / Color

Band Aid

For those of You who find Big Decks more enjoyable with music, You are sure to be satisfied on Peace Day.  The tentative schedule is…

  • DJ Chris ( DJ ) : 2:00-4:00
  • Hotel Hurry ( Rock & Roll & Violin ) : 4:00-4:30, 5:00-5:30, 6:00-6:30
  • Unity ( Reggae ) : 4:30-5:00, 5:30-6:00, 6:45-7:30
  • Yuli Johnson ( Folk ) : 6:30-6:45, 8:00-8:30
  • Kate Sansing ( Country ) : 7:30-8:00, 8:30-9:00
  • Bone Honey ( Funk ) : 9:00-9:45, 10:30 – 11:00, 11:30-12:00
  • Quentin LaBadie ( Dance ) : 9:45-10:00
  • Special Display ( It’s a secret ) : 10:00 – 10:05
  • Swerve ( Rock Covers ) : 10:05-10:30, 11:00-11:30, 12:00-12:30
  • Jake Quintos ( Classic Guitar ) : 12:45-1:00

As Mike’s Big Deck is private, we rely on the consummate generosity of our musical talent to ensure that all who come, enjoy the experience.  Show our bands there is no need for performance anxieties.  Be a Big Deck supporter…like their pages, listen to their music, share their links, and…

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Lifetime of Peace

Lifetime Achievers!

Three Friends celebrate their MBD Lifetime achievements in support of peace.

MBD recognizes individuals, and pairs, who represent the top tier in party participation.  Any boob can attend an MBD event, but only a select few can boast they make it better.  So to all You who show real heart in providing the party with augmentation, we offer our heartfelt Thanks.  To MBD Lifetime Members, past, present, and future : May your northern lights never point South.

Live Large!

Hip Swerve

It’s Jake on the Lake with performance enhancers.  MBD will host Swerve on the main stage for International Peace Day, 9pm – 12am.  Swerve rocks new and classic covers that will have your arms swinging, feet stepping, and hips swerving.  Whether You like to get up or get down, come get Swerve’d with MBD.  As always stay safe, and…

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Celebrate In Dependence

MBD FireworksJuly 4th is a celebration of our great nation’s independent spirit, but in the interest of diversity, we would like to honor our collective dependencies.  Be it subsidized spending, virtual friends, size enhancments, foreign oil, or chemically altered states, come toast your own obsessions on the night of July 3rd.  We will be playing our regular wallyball games from 7pm -10pm and then hitting, the Big Deck for Jake on the Lake.  Whatever your obsession, we hope the evening finds You able to party down, diaper up, get a little sideways, and…

Live Large!

Party Hearty

Greetings from MBD and Welcome to 2013. As You may know, the MBD Crew loves balls, especially the volley variety. If You, too, like to bump it and hit it, come join us on Wednesday nights for wallyball, 7-10pm. The court and viewing area are indoor in air-conditioned comfort, however should You choose not to join in the sweaty exertions, You are welcome to sit with your favorite beverage and watch through the glass as the balls slap back and forth. In honor of St. Valentine, we will be celebrating our volleyball love by hosting an after party on Wednesday, February 13th. Visit our MeetUp site for details. Wishing all of You a great 2013 and that You continue to…

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Be Prepared

As this year’s event is just a few hours away, we want to remind everyone the importance of safety and preparedness.  Without proper preparation, a Big Deck can be significantly less fun, even painful.  Sunscreen, foot protection, and designated drivers are the obvious necessities, but also remember to hydrate, stretch, and watch your step.  Never forget the risks associated with alcohol, open water, and a crowd.   MBD Events are private gatherings of Friends, Co-Workers, and Neighbors, and we owe it to ourselves to keep each other well.  Safety is for everyone!  Wishing all our Friends a happy and safe Cinco de Mayo, wherever You enjoy it.

Live Large!